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It’s finally summer and I’m honestly thrilled. I chose this photo because I love the ocean and sharks. I really love the movie Jaws since it took place in Massachusetts, a place I frequently love to visit. This summer I’m definitely planning on going back there. Maybe I’ll see one either there or at the Folly Pier in Charleston.


I know I know I’m obsessed


Lately I’ve been reading a lot about retired players and I’ve been getting great laughs from some of them. My favorite is Big Papi. I took this photo for a product shoot project. He told a story about being in the minor leagues and not knowing English very well. His teammate was trying to get a Coca Cola from the soda machine and was missing a dime, like the machine told him. Unfortunately dime in Spanish means “tell me” so the other players convinced him it would only give him a Coke if he talked to it. The guy spent ten minutes talking to the machine and still didn’t have a Coke. That story gave me a good laugh when I was reading it at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Oh my God we beat them so bad

So yesterday I worked and I watched the Red Sox-Yankees have their first rivalry game of the season. IT WAS A MASSACRE!!!! The Boston Massacre 2.0! They killed them! I couldn’t believe how bad they beat them! I was glued to the TV watching them rip open the game and ruin the week for Yankee fans. They’re off to a historic start and the saddest thing is that I witnessed their only loss this year. It’s going to be a greaaaat year. I can feel itScreen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.24.30 AM

Batter Up

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to see my favorite team, the Red Sox, on Opening Day in Tampa. I bought the tickets for myself and my dad, used free airline pass thanks to my mom’s career as a flight attendant and stayed with my uncle to make this happen. It was a fantastic game to watch. I got to see my new favorite player take his first at bat, toured a bit of the stadium including touching a ray and watched an INSIDE THE PARK HOME RUN OH MY GOD. It was crazy, I saw Nunez’s face and he was booking it! Unfortunately it wasn’t enough as the bullpen blew the game and the Rays ended up winning 6-4. Fun game nonetheless but wish the outcome was different. I’m trying to go to every stadium the next two years and with two down, Tampa and Atlanta, I’m quickly on my way.Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 10.59.57 AM


I picked this photo because it’s similar to what I desire for my final project for this class. My focus is Puerto Rican culture and the objects that make it’s culture what it is. This picture is one of their local beers and appears to be in front of one of their beautiful areas in the water. I’m hoping to really highlight some special qualities of my mom’s culture since some of it gets so mixed in with other hispanic cultures causing confusion to people who don’t know much about it, thinking that all of them are the same.




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I’m losing track of posts

Wow Spring Break was busy, I worked all week so obviously I didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t take any pictures because ya know school was closed and I don’t think pictures of my place of work are that interesting. I saw this in Sky Magazine and I thought it was pretty funny. It’s really a collaboration of everything in Columbia but it’s kind of deceiving because it makes it look like we have a lake in front of the State House. We don’t if you were wondering.Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 11.21.53 AM


I worked every single day this week and I’m honestly somewhat looking forward to this new half of the semester. I’ve got a new plan of attack that I’m willing to implement so I can be better this half and finish strong. I needed a break from it and now I need a break from work. Hopefully this new plan is a good one because I need it.